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Do you eat well yourself?

We all know what to avoid in our diet. Excessive breads, excessive candy, no fried stuff, no fat fried in fat etc. etc.

I am interested in healthy foods, I blog about proper diet, but sometimes I catch myself craving some potato chips or bacon with egg and whitebread, and eating that. All that after a week of fresh greens and vitamins. And I get my bacon and have it.

Do you get the same? Do you ever do something against what you preach? Share in comments.


Buckwheat as a part of anti-cancer, heart-friendly and life-extending diet.

If you’re at least a bit into healthy food and proper nutrition, check out this article on health benefits of buckwheat.

Buckwheat is unduly neglected, but it’s been called a “queen of all grains” in the XXth century, since it contains A LOT of healthy nutrients. Buckwheat is great for your heart, for your body cells, blood, and internal organs.


And it’s delicious. Read more…

A great video on anti-cancer diet

Anti-cancer diet by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.

Learn all about cancer fighting foods.

Does sugar cause cancer? Find all about cancer fighting foods and anti-cancer diet on this site.

More post will come, just introducing my main project.