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Do you eat well yourself?

April 25, 2012

We all know what to avoid in our diet. Excessive breads, excessive candy, no fried stuff, no fat fried in fat etc. etc.

I am interested in healthy foods, I blog about proper diet, but sometimes I catch myself craving some potato chips or bacon with egg and whitebread, and eating that. All that after a week of fresh greens and vitamins. And I get my bacon and have it.

Do you get the same? Do you ever do something against what you preach? Share in comments.

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  1. Chocolate – it is my weakness!

  2. Sometimes I find that eating a little bacon, or white bread, right when I want it, actually helps me eat healthy the rest of the time. If I put it off, and deprive myself of all grains, sugars, starches, etc; I just get angry and resentful of my own self. I end up binging on things without much control, and that is never good. My mother is in her 50’s, and one of the healthiest women I know. She is also a nutritionist. She stresses that everything can be great in moderation. When you want a cookie, she says, have a cookie. That is better than eating a whole box of cookies at once simply because you denied yourself the ability to have “one.”
    So I try to do that. Every few weeks I will take myself away from refined grains, or wheat flour. But I try not to put off anything to the point of feeling absolutely starved for it, since each body is different, and as long as I can smile when I wake up and run with my dog, I feel that I am doing pretty well 🙂

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