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Bubble drink scandal, what do you think?

Do you know tapioca tea (bubble tea, boba tea)?Many of my friends love it.

There has been a scandal about it recently, with some researchers claiming it has been causing cancer. Read more here.

My opinon – there is not enough evidence. Moreover this danger has nothing to do with supposed carcinogenic properties of the drink. So the whole thing might actually a competitor attack on the product or a bashing of a food chain they found it at (the name leaked but I won’t contribute to hysteria).

A cure to cancer concealed?

Ever heard that there is a cure for cancer, but the pharma lobby is hiding that?

A great article on ketogenic diet to cure cancer:

What do you think?

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Make money online by filling out surveys.

Here’s how I made my first buck online: by filling out surveys. These surveys are sponsored by large marketing companies and are used for market research. Big brands pay for receiving the information surfers provide, and you get your own share. Check out one of the best offers to start with:

Impressive local discounts!

This is a cool idea: a classified ads site that actually works backwards! You register, post a description of what you need to buy/get done and then have other people deliver. Sounds unusual, but there are many people browsing the site which means you can get what you need fast. I managed to sell a used vacuum cleaner we had – just like that. Named the price and had people buy it!

Check this out and register:

Non-organic oranges from Florida may cause cancer!

watch out! In case you did not know yet, oranges grown in Florida do not get enough orange color due to milder climate. So they are adding food colorant into non-organic oranges. That colorant makes the fruit better-looking but at the same time risky for anyone eating it (especially using zest in cooking!)

read more


Important: eat slow for your food to benefit you.

Do you eat well yourself?

We all know what to avoid in our diet. Excessive breads, excessive candy, no fried stuff, no fat fried in fat etc. etc.

I am interested in healthy foods, I blog about proper diet, but sometimes I catch myself craving some potato chips or bacon with egg and whitebread, and eating that. All that after a week of fresh greens and vitamins. And I get my bacon and have it.

Do you get the same? Do you ever do something against what you preach? Share in comments.

Buckwheat as a part of anti-cancer, heart-friendly and life-extending diet.

If you’re at least a bit into healthy food and proper nutrition, check out this article on health benefits of buckwheat.

Buckwheat is unduly neglected, but it’s been called a “queen of all grains” in the XXth century, since it contains A LOT of healthy nutrients. Buckwheat is great for your heart, for your body cells, blood, and internal organs.


And it’s delicious. Read more…

A great video on anti-cancer diet

Anti-cancer diet by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.